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Dr. McVey, Becky, and their grandkids showing the audience how to make summer snacks.

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It’s time for fun with fruits and veggies! Well, you know how much fun we have cooking with our kids and grandkids. Today, we’re going to share with you some fun with fruits and veggies.

Jun 28


3 Easy Healthy Summer Snacks to Make with Your Kids


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We want to share with you some of our favorite fall foods and spooky Halloween treats that you can make with your kids.

Oct 25


Spooky Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love

Dr. McVey and Becky with their family

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Thanksgiving is approaching fast… 

so we thought that some of us from Dr. McVey’s office would write about the things that we’re thankful for this year. 

Nov 19


What We’re Thankful for in 2017

Candy Corn in a bucket

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Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand.

No brainer. It’s so fun for kids. They don their costumes, knock on neighbors’ doors, yell “trick-or-treat,” and receive free candy. It’s fun for the children getting the candy, and it’s fun for the adults giving it out.

Oct 23


Halloween Candy Buy Back


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Here at Randall K. McVey, DMD, we’re excited for the new year and we wanted to take a moment to share our new year’s resolutions with you. Also, we’d love to hear YOUR resolutions too!

Jan 13

Meet the Staff

New Year, New Resolutions!

Baby Kelli playing the piano

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MANY PEOPLE SAY the holidays are their favorite time of the year! We all know celebrating traditions that bind friends and family together is truly what makes the holidays special.   

Dec 18


How We Celebrate Christmas

Kelli as a little girl in her Halloween costume

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Making a halloween costume is one of the best opportunities to let your creativity shine! Whether you dress up as a movie monster, comic book character, or just something funny, we love seeing costume ideas come to life.

Oct 30


Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

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