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We help our patients feel comfortable above all else so that they feel at home while taking care of their oral health.

Now you can have a beautiful and healthy smile from a dental office specializing in moving heaven and earth to give you that smile. 

What kind of smile is possible for you?

We know. Especially when…

You’ve tried to take care of your teeth, because you prioritize taking care of yourself. 


The dentist you’ve visited before doesn’t make you feel seen or heard. They don’t take your concerns seriously either.

Finding a dental office that makes you feel comfortable, welcome, and respected can be hard. 

And you’re just not sure that going to the dentist is worth it if you feel that they don’t really want you there to begin with.

And you’re just not sure that going to the dentist is worth it if you feel that they don’t really want you there to begin with.

You may think that such a dental provider is a pipe dream.

I’m ready! Call for an appointment

Because your ideal dental care team exists!

Quit avoiding the dental office and ignoring your oral health. 

  • Leaving your dental appointment after only 1 visit with the beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Your family, friends, coworkers, and strangers say, “Wow! Your smile is so beautiful!”
  • You look forward to seeing your smile in the mirror.


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Scaling and Root planing is a deep cleaning of teeth and gums to treat gum disease, so that you can prevent further tooth decay, getting a healthier smile. 

This is for the patient struggling with gum disease, who wants to prevent tooth loss, improve the health of their mouth, and improve the look of their smiles

Scaling & Root Planing

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Routine cleanings are an easy and proactive way to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and maintain your best smile. 

For the patient who only needs routine care and nothing too involved for their oral health.

Routine Cleanings

It’s our passion to make you feel welcome in the office. 

Leave with a renewed and healthy smile.

Come in to get your teeth cleaned.

Discuss treatment options.

Come in and get a thorough exam.

Call our office to make an appointment.

Here’s how it goes: 

Now you can get that clean-teeth feel from hygienists who care about your oral health and comfort as much as you do.

*Testimonials Disclaimer 

Beronica A.

Beronica A.

“This is one of the best dentist I have been too. I don't have the best teeth but Dr. McVey and his staff make me feel like my teeth are amazing." 

Here's what our patients say:

You can keep avoiding your oral health and risk getting cavities and gum disease.


You can proactively care for your smile from a dental office that makes you feel comfortable. 

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Ready to take care of your smile by a dental team who genuinely cares about your comfort?