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You're ready to be perceived as the confident, person you truly are. ("I just want to smile without worrying about my teeth.")

Are You Tired of Not Seeing Your Dream Smile in the Mirror?

Learn More About Transforming Your Smile

You’re tired of second-guessing your dental choices: 

  • Am I choosing the right treatment? 
  • Is my smile going to look natural? 
  • Is my dentist giving me the best advice? 
  • Am I investing my time and money wisely?

You've spent hours researching different dental treatments, learning more than you wanted to know about dental procedures— when all you really want to do is smile with confidence.

It's time to put an end to the uncertainty.

‘Cause you don’t have time for uncertainty. And You KNOW your dream smile can somehow become a reality...

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of adults believe that a healthy smile is an important social asset. 

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It's not just about being attractive and healthy, it's about feeling confident and successful in your interactions with others. And here's the thing - you can now try out that smile before you commit to it.

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Trial Smile

Trial smile

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Trial Smile

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Get the Real Results You've Been Looking For

This innovative solution was created to eliminate the uncertainty often associated with dental procedures. It's different because it gives you the chance to visualize your results before they happen. We want to ensure you're completely satisfied with your new smile and that's why we're offering this unique service.

Step right up for Trial Smile, a unique dental procedure that lets you preview your desired smile in real-time.

Striving for a perfect smile isn't just an aspiration—it's an attainable goal.


  • A personalized smile preview that takes the guesswork out of cosmetic dentistry, ensuring you get exactly what you want.
  • Clear understanding of your future treatment plan, eliminating any surprises or misunderstandings.
  • Boosted confidence knowing that your desired smile is achievable and exactly how it will look.
  • An empowering dental experience that not only enhances your aesthetics but also improves your overall quality of life.
  • A unique dental journey where you are in control, making the process more enjoyable and less stressful.
  • The satisfaction of taking an active role in your dental health, which can motivate you to maintain your oral health better.
  • Peace of mind from knowing that your dentist fully understands and can deliver on your aesthetic goals.

Here's what you'll walk away with when you choose Trial Smile:

It's a real-time smile preview process that allows you to visualize your dream smile before committing to the treatment. 

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Get ready to transform your smile.

Decide on whether to move forward with the plan or not,

Decide on whether to move forward with the plan or not,

Discuss a treatment plan to achieve it.

Discuss a treatment plan to achieve it.

Come back to try on your new smile and take a look at in-person. Imagine the possibilities.

Come in and get scan of your mouth.

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Experience the transformation with Trial Smile:

*Testimonials Disclaimer 

Kevin O.

Kevin O.

"They are always trying to make you feel informed and care a great deal about your satisfaction with the process. I highly recommend Dr. McVey and his entire staff. Wonderful.”

Here's what our patients say:

You can choose Trial Smile, and step into a future where your dream smile is no longer just a dream, but a reality you can see, touch, and feel. 


You can keep doing what you're doing, living with uncertainty about your dental treatment. 

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Choose Trial Smile today and step into your new smile with confidence and clarity.