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We create dentures for our patients so they experience the hope and joy that comes from regaining their smiles.

Imagine finally eating, speaking, and smiling again with a set of dentures tailored to you. 

Differences between the types of dentures

We know, especially when…
  • You’re not able to talk, eat, or laugh comfortably without working teeth.
  • You’ve tried dentures before that you believed would help you.

Getting dentures can feel overwhelming. 

They were uncomfortable no matter how hard you tried to get used to them. 

So you just got so discouraged that you gave up wearing them. 

Do you ever wonder if you’ll be able to talk, eat, laugh, or smile with confidence again?

They didn’t fit.

The cold hard truth is that dentures that fit and feel comfortable take time and patience to get used to. 

And knowing how to care for them is important for how well they work for you.

I’m ready! Call us to the get the details on our dentures.

If you have a patient, caring, knowledgeable dental team, they can walk you through how to get used to your new dentures.

They know how to fit them exactly to your unique mouth.

And they can teach you how to care for your dentures to make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable than ever before. 

And here’s a secret we’re sharing with you:

  • You feel confident to smile, eat, speak, and laugh again.
  • No more holding yourself back and hiding your smile.
  • You have the knowledge to care for your dentures for success. 
  • You Get all of your questions answered about how to use your dentures and confidently wear them. 

How does this sound?

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Enjoy your new beautiful smile.

Seat the dentures.

Work with our team to get the fit and feel you want.

Take photos and impressions.

Take photos and impressions.

Discuss treatment options.

Come in and get a thorough exam.

Call our office to make an appointment.

Let’s take the mystery out of how to get dentures:

*Testimonials Disclaimer 

Pamela P.

Pamela P.

Dr McVey, his dental hygienists and the front desk staff are always welcoming, friendly and professional. I believe they truly have their patients’ well being and comfort a top priority.

Here's what our patients say:

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Patients who are missing some teeth, and want to replace the missing teeth. A less costly alternative to implant-supported dentures.

Partial Dentures

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Patients who want to have an open palate, and anyone who’s had problems with a lower denture too. Keeps it in your mouth better.

Implant-supported dentures

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 Patients who are missing all of their teeth and want to be able to smile and eat again. 

Conventional (Full) Dentures

The 3 types of dentures to get back your confidence.

You can get back your confidence again with a set of dentures just for you.


You can continue with a mouth that keeps you from smiling, eating, or speaking with confidence.

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