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How do you get over your fear of the dentist, especially if it’s stopping you from getting the smile you’ve always wanted? Tim was scared of the dentist, too, after he had a bad experience as a little boy. Watch the video to learn what helped him overcome his fear and finally feel comfortable in the dental chair. 

Patient Stories: How Tim’s Fear of the Dentist Disappeared

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Dianne Wilken has been a patient of Dr. McVey's for over 30 years. She has dental anxiety, but she's worked out a plan with the doctor to make her appointments easier. Part of her plan included a service we offer called conscious sedation. Read on to learn how conscious sedation dentistry helped her.

Patient Stories: The powerful thing that happens when you use conscious sedation

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Witness Jean's amazing transformation and learn about the positive impact a confident smile can have on one's overall well-being. This heartwarming video serves as an inspiring and informative resource for anyone considering a smile makeover.

Patient Stories: Jean’s Inspiring Smile Makeover Story

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