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Man brushing his teeth to prevent gum disease

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What is gum disease? Gum disease is a pretty common occurrence, also known as periodontitis. It mostly affects the gum and the bone surrounding the teeth. Periodontitis infects the gum tissue and bone causing inflammation (Nordqvist & Frank, 2018). And according to a 2012 study, 47% of adults over 30 have gum disease, and that […]

Jan 19

Healthy habits

How to Stop Gum Disease: Why You Should Brush Twice A Day

Youtube thumbnail for How Tim's Fear of the Dentist Disappeared

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Is your fear of the dentist stopping you from getting the smile you’ve always wanted? Watch the video to learn what helped Tim overcome his fear.

Sep 28

Patient Education

Patient Stories: How Tim’s Fear of the Dentist Disappeared

Understanding the 5 stages of tooth decay headline

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What causes tooth decay? We cover the 5 stages of it, explain its causes, and what the tooth looks like as decay grows worse.

Sep 21

Patient Education

5 Stages of Tooth Decay Too Risky to Ignore

Little boy hides in the couch, because he fears the dentist.

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Dental phobia, called odontophobia, is a serious, often paralyzing fear of seeking dental care. Americans avoid much needed care due to anxiety and fear surrounding the dental experience1. This translates

Aug 23

Patient Education

Dental Fear in America

Dr. McVey Cracked His Tooth

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Chomp on something your tooth didn’t like? Or get hit in the mouth with a hockey puck?
If you think you may have a cracked tooth, or if you’re holding a piece of your tooth in your hand, follow these steps!

Mar 1

Patient Education

What to Do When You Crack Your Tooth

Girl with Braces

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A short guest “Ask the Expert” article addressing braces and timing brought to you by your friendly neighborhood orthodontist! Dr. Doi from High Plains Orthodontics explains the basics of when it’s the right time to pursue orthodontic treatment for your child and, possibly, yourself.

Aug 21

Patient Education

Ask the Expert: when is the best time to get orthodontic treatment?

truth about amalgam

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Today there are more choices for restorative materials than at any time in the past. Dental amalgam, also known as silver fillings, is one choice for teeth in the back of the mouth that has been in use for around 150 years. Amalgam is a metal alloy that contains silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Amalgam lasts a long time and is less expensive than other materials such as tooth-colored composites, porcelain, or gold.

Jul 26

Patient Education

Let’s discuss the mercury in amalgams (aka fillings)

A woman is surprised by the reasons why tooth erosion is bad for your smile

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Smiling is everyone’s best feature.

We honestly mean that. A smile brightens everyone’s features. But, what if you’re self-conscious of your smile? Maybe your teeth aren’t as white as you want them to be. Or perhaps, the teeth look a bit worn down. These might be signs that the teeth have some erosion. (Cue dramatic music—dun dun dun!) Is there any hope for your smile? Of course! Keep reading to find out how.

May 25

Patient Education

Why tooth erosion isn’t so good for your smile

the doctor's guide to dental appointments headline

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For today’s blog, Dr. McVey’s granddaughter, Lily, plays the doctor.

She walks us through what to expect when coming to our office.

We have also provided the transcript for the video down below, if you find it hard to understand what she is saying. Enjoy!

Apr 26

Patient Education

The doctor’s guide to dental appointments

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