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Originally published December 4, 2015 as “Oral Health Myths Busted!” Image Source: top image by Flickr user paurian used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original. In the fascinating world of dentistry, it’s crucial to keep the conversation engaging and informative. Let’s dive into the realm of oral health myths. These […]

Sep 21

September birthday blog graphic

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In the heart of September, a special joy fills the air at Dr. McVey’s dental practice. As the leaves transition into their autumn hues, we’re celebrating more than just the change of seasons. This year, our September spotlight shines bright on Rebecca McVey, our office manager who is marking another milestone – her 30th birthday […]

Sep 7

Meet the Staff

Celebrating Rebecca McVey’s September Birthday: A Month of Reflection and Joy

Celebrating Our Dental Team's Birthdays Blog Graphic

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As we roll into August, we at Dr. McVey’s dental practice are not just excited about the sunny weather. We are thrilled to take a pause from our busy schedules, put down our dental tools, and celebrate two special members of our dental family – Emelia Gonzalez and Kelli Casey. In this blog post, we’re […]

Aug 10

Meet the Staff

A Sensational August Birthday Bash: Celebrating Our Dental Team’s Birthdays

Rebeca Marrufo birthday blog graphic

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Dr. McVey’s dental practice is not just a place of professional dental care; it’s a family where celebrations are as much part of our routine as cleanings and checkups. Today, we’re taking a pause from dental talk to celebrate a special occasion – the 30th birthday of our front desk and marketing whiz, Rebeca Marrufo! […]

Jul 20

Meet the Staff

Happy Birthday, Rebeca Marrufo! Discover the Heart of Dr. McVey’s Dental Team

Dr. McVey birthday blog graphic

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Dr. McVey’s birthday is right around the corner! If you see him, wish him a Happy Birthday. Below are some fun questions we asked him about his birthday. Get to know Dr. McVey a little more such as what his favorite cake is, and learn about a goal he wants to accomplish within a year. […]

Jun 15

Meet the Staff

Dr. McVey’s Upcoming Birthday: An Insightful Chat and Celebration

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world. A list of the kids of our office staff. Special Mother's Day shout out to Becky McVey, Anna McVey, Emilia Gonzalez, Kelli Casey, and Emily Bewley. If you have been to our office, you have probably met all of these wonderful ladies, therefore we we wanted to share pictures of their kids instead so you can continue to know.a little more about our staff.

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Why Mother’s Day is Important Mother’s Day is important because it’s a day where we take the time to appreciate and honor the women who have made a significant impact in our lives. Our mothers have nurtured us, supported us, and loved us unconditionally throughout our lives. This day is an opportunity to show them […]

May 11


Celebrating Mother’s Day: Big Shout Out to the Moms on Our Team

A photo of Anna with the words "Happy Birthday" written along the top.

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It’s time to send some happy birthday wishes to a staff member! Today, we’re celebrating a special occasion as our marketing assistant and website designer, Anna, celebrates her birthday. With her exceptional skills in copywriting, content writing, and all forms of digital marketing, Anna has become an integral part of our team. Her creativity and […]

Apr 13

Meet the Staff

Meet The Staff: Happy Birthday Wishes for Employee Anna

Happy Easter 2023

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Easter, it’s a time to come together with friends and family, indulge in delicious treats, and celebrate the renewal of life. At Dr. McVey’s office, we believe that the Easter season is the perfect opportunity to get to know our staff a little better. So, we’ve asked each member to share their plans for the […]

Apr 6

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff: Our plans for Easter this year [Easter 2023]

Dr. McVey's Answers to would you rather. He'd rather swim in a pool of chococalte gold coins...win an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland...have gold eyes...talk in an Irish accent for 1 month...be magical...spend 1 week in Ireland...have everything turn green that he touches.

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We decided to put our team’s decision-making skills to the test this St. Patrick’s Day. We played “Would You Rather” with a fun twist on this beloved holiday. Instead of choosing between two mundane options, we’re taking it up a notch with St. Patrick’s Day-themed scenarios that will have you scratching your head and laughing […]

Mar 16

Meet the Staff

“Would you rather…”St. Patrick’s Day edition

A photo of Genevieve & Emily together with the words "Happy Birthday" written along the top.

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How we celebrate our birthdays We love getting to know our patients so much, and we realize that you mostly know us from your visits to Dr. McVey’s office. So to build a better connection with you, we’re sharing how we celebrate birthdays in our Meet the Staff series. The lucky February babies are Genevieve […]

Feb 23

Meet the Staff

Meet The Staff: A spotlight on Emily & Genevieve’s birthdays

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