We want to share with you some of our favorite fall foods and spooky Halloween treats that you can make with your kids.

Spooky Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love



Oct 25

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What does that word bring to mind? Perhaps, it seems like an unnecessary step in your daily routine. Maybe you can’t go a day without flossing. Whatever you think of, there are many good reasons to floss. Some of those reasons may seem obvious and others may seem surprising. So…without further delay…

Dr. McVey’s top 10 reasons to floss your teeth

Top 10 Reasons to floss


Jun 29

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Advances in dental care sometimes border on the miraculous.

Not so very long ago the thought of being able to replace missing teeth with something permanent without requiring major work to the adjacent teeth seemed like the stuff of science fiction.

Help! I’ve Lost a Tooth!

Dental Implants

Patient Education

Jan 18

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Tooth decay. Yuck!

Tooth decay may cause cavities, which can have a big impact on not only oral health, but also your overall health. So imagine that if your mouth has some grossness going on in it, that grossness could be elsewhere in your body. Yeah…that’s not too pretty to think about, so our goal is to prevent cavities and tooth decay as soon as we can. 

Spectra: Stopping Cavities in Their Tracks


Mar 17

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How cool would it be if you went into the dentist and you saw more than just the humdrum, ordinary tools present in every dental office? What if you saw something that looked like it was from the future?

What In the World Is CBCT?

A scan from CBCT


Feb 11

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X-rays were first observed in in 1895 by German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845-1923). Roentgen accidentally made this discovery while conducting an experiment testing whether cathode rays would pass through glass.

The Accidental Discovery of X-rays

Xray of teeth


Sep 16

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IS YOUR SMILE AS WHITE as it used to be? Even good oral hygiene won’t prevent tooth discoloration forever.

A Whiter, Brighter You

Get a brighter, whiter smile


Jan 8

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Goodbye, goop!  One of the things many patients hate about coming for dental treatment is the goopy impressions.  Well, we now have a way to take impressions for many of the services we provide without having to use that goopy, messy stuff! 

Goodbye, Goop!

No more goop


Nov 13

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WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BRUSH twice a day for two minutes each time. How many of us actually do that? See how you measure up!

From a recent poll:

·         49% of men brush their teeth only once a day.

·         57% of women brush their teeth only once a day.

How do you brush your teeth?

A woman brushes her teeth

Patient Education

Sep 2

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