Patient Stories: How Tim’s Fear of the Dentist Disappeared

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Patient Stories: How Tim’s Fear of the Dentist Disappeared

How do you get over your fear of the dentist, especially if it’s stopping you from getting the smile you’ve always wanted? Tim was scared of the dentist, too, after he had a bad experience as a little boy. Watch the video to learn what helped him overcome his fear and finally feel comfortable in the dental chair.

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Dr. McVey Presents: Patient Stories


You know, like most people, they’re afraid of the dentist. I had a bad experience when I was a small boy, and I was kind of always been scared of going to the dentist.

And most people are.

This is the story of Tim Cruz and how he overcame his fear of the dentist…


When I was a small boy and was afraid to go to the dentist, I’d be in tears having to know that I had to go to the dentist.

Shots make me nervous. So the shot that you have to get to numb your…numb your mouth is always, you know, always a concern when I was a little kid. It hurt when I got the shot. It hurt after the shot. And, you know, and then working on my teeth.

So who likes pain?

He didn’t want his fear of the dentist to prevent him from taking care of his teeth.


Society’s kinda changed. It talks about, you know, healthy teeth to deal with not only your teeth
but your health.

So I feel it’s important that I do my regular checkups.

*If you want to learn more about why regular dental checkups are important, you can read this article on the Health Partners blog–they’re based in Bloomington, MN.

And then Tim started seeing Dr. McVey and his team.


Dr. McVey is a very friendly dentist, and I trust him with what he tells me.

I come here for my cleaning every six months and my regular checkups and whatever work I need on my teeth that Dr. McVey recommends.

Now Tim feels confident getting work done on his teeth without the fear of pain.


He’s always done a great job on making me feel relaxed.

And same with the staff. I mean, the staff is very friendly and tell me what they’re going to be doing
that day. And I feel very comfortable when I come here.

I don’t have that…that stress of coming and knowing, “Man, this is going to hurt.” Because I know Dr.
McVey is going to take his time and…and do the job correctly. And he always has.

I’ve never had any problems.

[I’m] very blessed to have a doctor that…that really takes care of you and has concern for you.

What kind of smile could be possible for you, if you were free from your fear of the dentist?

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